Freeriding tours

Freeriding tours


Freeriding is a style of snowboarding or skiing performed on natural, un-groomed terrain, without a set course, goals or rules. Freeriding incorporates various aspects of snowboarding into a style that adapts to the variations and challenges of natural, off-piste terrain, and eschews man-made features such as jumps, rails, half-pipes, or groomed snow.

Our highly qualified instructors will indeed show you an entirely new feeling of movement, and a very special feeling of adventure and freedom. Your safety is our number one priority!

While freeriding you are beyond the marked runs, so your guide will make sure beforehand, that you will become familiar with necessary security measures, such as proper behaviour on the mountain, avalanche protection, avalanche transceiver equipment and companion rescue. Regardless of each free freerider’s ability, Kreischberg is perfect for everyone!

Depending on the weather and snow conditions, as well as on a possible avalanche warning, we reserve the right to change our already planned freeriding tour if necessary.

The conditions for a unique freeriding tour are:
Safe carving on the slopes, good physical condition, adequate fitness and no fear of heights.

For more information about this offer, please contact us at any time through mail at:
or reach us by phone at:
+43 (0) 676 925 56 75

enjoy your stay with us!




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