Childrens' private lesson

Childrens’ private lesson


The quickest route to success

By choosing this method of instruction, the ski instructor will be able to fully and exclusively focus on your child, transmitting more directly all the knowledge needed to learn this wonderful sport. The ski instructor recognizes the knowledge and skiing level of your child, chooses the adequate ski slope, tempo and exercises, and leads your child to success – in a playful way.

Recommended for:
* Children, who wish to learn skiing fast and safe, with the right technique &
* Children, who wish to improve their techniques

Private lessons also give you the opportunity of flexible time management.
We do offer private lessons daily – each hour at any time of the day. We recommend you to always book private lessons beforehand, to make sure you can consume the lesson at the time you wish to!

Prices for private lessons
Winter season 2020/2021

Private lesson / hour53,-

Each additional person14,-

Private ski instructor per day (whole day)220,-

Each additional person35,-

The above mentioned prices are listed in EURO and per person. The prices do not include skiing or snowboard equipment and ski pass.



enjoy your stay with us!




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